Drink Menu

At the beginning of the show, Spacepod guests (generally) try a drink. This started out as a drink of the guest's choice, but has slowly morphed into us trying an unusual (and occasionally awful) drink together.

Many of you have asked for a list of the drinks we have tried, and listener Mel Powell has kindly compiled this drink menu.  If I introduced an error in transciption,  do let me know.

Episode Date Guest Drink Review
1 8/2/15 Cable, Morgan Tea/Mountain Dew None
2 8/2/15 Masiero, Joseph Einstok Icelandic White Ale None
3 8/2/15 Fraeman, Abby Iced Coffee/Mocha None
4 8/2/15 Noble, Sarah No drink, despite hotel rooftop bar None
5 8/9/15 Kirkpatrick, Davy Water (his choice) None
6 8/16/15 Landis, Rob No drink None
7 8/23/15 Chabot, Nancy No drink None
8 8/30/15 Barbee, Brent Hotel-Flavored Fruit Water Strong but Pretty Good
9 9/6/15 Paddack, Stephen No drink (CN note— I brought cookies) None
10 9/13/15 Cohen, Barbara Moongaritas...Margarita w/gouda Delightful (if no cheese)
11 9/20/15 Mainzer, Amy Green Tea Delicious
12 9/27/15 Lakdawalla, Emily Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Awesome
13 10/4/15 Spilker, Linda Hot Tea from JPL Coffee Cart None
14 9/25/15 Rich, Jeff Stout: Victory Storm King Imperial/Lost Coast Brewery 8-Ball L'Chaim/Meh
15 10/18/15 Schmidt, Britney Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin Tasty
16 10/25/15 Busch, Michael Strawberry Milkshakes (CalTech Cafeteria) Acceptable
17 11/1/15 Watkins, Jessica Magic Hat Beer Delicious
18 11/8/15 Buratti, Bonnie No drink (CN note— we were drinking water, her choice) None
19 11/15/15 Ehlmann, Bethany La Fin du Monde Beer Very Nice
20 11/22/15 Lovell, Amy Herbal Tea (Jasmine Green/Peach Tranquility) Tranquil & Peachy
21 11/29/15 Petrizzo, Dan Angry Orchard Cider Pretty Good, but Angry
22 12/6/15 Privon, George Cappuccino All caffeinated up
23 12/13/15 Galileo Probe, Pt. 1 No drink, different format None
24 12/20/15 Galileo Probe, Pt. 2 No drink, different format None
25 12/27/15 Spilker, Tom Magic Hat Stealin' Time Summer Wheat Beer Really Good
26 1/3/16 Bauer, Gerbs Tiny Cupcakes and Peet's Coffee,Coffee: Black None
27 1/10/16 Cable, Morgan Tea/Mountain Dew (again, same as Ep 1) So Good
28 1/17/16 White, Lauren Orange Herbal Tea Fantastic, Wild & Sweet
29 1/24/16 Stone, Kris Deschutes Obsidian Stout Good
30 1/31/16 Kaluna, Heather Extra Ginger Bre Reed's Ginger Brew Really delicious
31 2/7/16 Younse, Paulo Gin & Tonic in Coffee Mugs Great
32 2/14/16 Kretke, Katherine Green Tea Wonderful
33 2/21/16 Cable, Morgan No drink…bonus part of Episode 27 None
34 2/28/16 Spahr, Tim Rusty Nail requested…but no alcohol at venue…soy latte Awesome
35 3/6/16 Rivkin, Andy Gin & Tonic Very tasty
36 3/13/16 Hurt, Robert Coke Zero Sounds Way Cool
37 3/20/16 Singer, Kelsi Mama Chia Seed Your Soul Vitality Bev (RaspPass,KaleMint) Tadpoles/Love it
38 3/27/16 Fernándes, Yan Black Tea Very Yummy
39 4/3/16 Lichtenburg, Kimberly Vanilla Latte (Peet's) (coupons yet?) Quite Delicious
40 4/10/16 Yeomans, Don Stella Very Good
41 4/17/16 Storrie-Lombardi, Lisa Hard Fresco, Juicy Jamaica/Tangy Tamarindo Not Horrible
42 4/24/16 Christiansen, Jessie Bundaberg (Aussie) Lemon-lime and Bitters Delicious
43 5/1/16 Soderlund, Kritsta Bek Se Ju Rice Wine ”I don't know about that”
44 5/8/16 Soto, Alejandro Orange and Cream from Stuart's/High County Aloe Kombucha Pretty Good/Not So Great
45 5/15/16 Ennico Smith, Kimbery Tazo Tea: Black Tea Mango/Berry Blossom White Delicious/Light&Refreshing
46 5/22/16 Asphaug, Erik Parrot Coconut Water Very good
47 5/29/16 Walsh, Kevin Suja Daybreak Probiotic/Kombucha (disgusting) Super-weird, pretty good
48 6/5/16 Chodas, Paul Deschutes Obsidian Stout (see ep 29) Very tasty
49 6/12/16 Giorgini, John Dasani Water None
50 6/19/16 Singer, Kelsi Coco Libre Protein Coconut Water Smells bad--oh, boy--all right
51 6/26/16 Smith, Isaac Hard-to-Open Carbonated Mango/Pineapple (artificial) Pure Sugar, but good
52 7/3/16 Ramirez, Solange Iced Mocha Amazing
53 7/10/16 Beaton, Rachael Grass Jelly Drink (unpronounceable) Interesting/Not Bad
54 7/17/16 Economos, Rita Campfire Stout Lovely, hints of Smore
55 7/24/16 Chodas, Jan Raspberry Lemonade Only the Best for Spacepod Guests Excellent
56 7/31/16 McKinnon, Mika Matta Mojito Lemon-Lime/Strawberry Sparkling Lemonade Fantastic
57 8/7/16 Dodd, Suzy Iced Latte, Starbucks (because very hot outside) No review, but happy
58 8/14/16 Siegler, Matt Orange Wheat Beer Wonderful
59 8/21/16 Mulchaey, John Pressed Juicery “chlorophyll h2o” alkaline water Not so bad, grassy aftertaste
60 8/28/16 Hunt, Cynthia Sip Sparkling Organic Summer Pear Really nice, light, effervescent
61 9/4/16 Betts, Bruce Iced Café Americano, Half/Half, Fake Sugar Perfect
62 9/11/16 Schlaufman, Kevin Low-fat Milk Very rich
63 9/18/16 Benson, Andrew Pressed Juicery activated charcoal lemonade” Alright, not bad, actually
64 9/25/16 Seidel, Marja Roots 1 Beets, Crrt, Kale, Spinach, Romaine, Prsly, Ccmbr, Clry Actually really good, like salad
65 10/2/16 Gorgian, Varoujan Bebida de Litchi/Bubble-Up Lemon-Line (which exploded) Delicious/Very refreshing
66 10/9/16 Reitze, Dave Baltika #6 Porter beer Very delicious
67 10/16/16 Reitze, Dave No new drink, but Carrie mentions the beer… Still very delicious
68 10/23/16 Hosseini, Sona Bundaberg Ginger Beer Really good
69 10/30/16 Naidu, Shantanu Rogue Voodoo Donut Mango Astronaut Ale OK/Pretty Good/Not Bad
70 11/6/16 Scully, Jennifer Dr. Brown's Original Cel-Ray (Celery Soda) Quite nice but bad aftertaste
71 11/13/16 Takir, Driss Ballast Point California Kölsch Really good
72 11/20/16 Weiser, Debbie Sipp Lemon Flower Light and Delicious
73 11/27/16 Weiser, Debbie Sipp Mojoberry (Blackberry, Mint & Lime) Berryish and Delicious
74 12/4/16 Masiero, Joseph Rakia (Bulgarian brandy) Delicious
75 12/11/16 Rice, Eric Organic Apple Cider Vinegar All-Natural (Ginger Spice/Honey) Among worst drinks I've had
76 12/18/16 Fraeman, Abby Non-fat Mocha (w/Peppermint Twist Vodka) Delicious, chocolatey, pepperminty
77 12/25/16 Kanner, Jonah Jack Daniels on the rocks A nice pick
78 1/1/17 Kanner, Jonah Continuation, no new drink N/A
79 1/8/17 Robertson, Norna Irn Bru, most popular soft drink in Scotland (very orange) Very tasty
80 1/15/17 Consolmagno, Guy Coke, real, without fake sugar No review
81 1/22/17 Rich, Jeff Bundaberg, Guava Sparkling Fruit Drink Delicious, better than raw milk
82 1/29/17 Christensen, Eric Arizona Brew Amber Ale Delicious, very good
83 2/5/17 Rebull, Luisa Diet Coke,Her computer is named for it None
84 2/12/17 Burton, Marcia O Organics Sparkling Pomegranate Italian Soda (8 min mark) Sparkling, full of antioxidants
85 2/19/17 Billings, Linda Magnolia Grove Chardonnay Very good
86 2/26/17 Kasliwal, Mansi Iced Matcha Tea, original flavor Very green, very cool
87 3/5/17 Hurt, Robert Trimino Protein-Infused Water (Mixed Berry Flavor) From misaligned replicator at Quark's
88 3/12/17 Burkett, Erin Oolong Shot Really good, nice taste of Oolong
89 3/19/17 Thompson, Andy Guaraná Antarctica (Brazilian soda) Good, delicious fruity soda
90 3/26/17 Paladini, Roberta Aloe Vera Juice Drink, with pulp Kinda sweet, pretty good
91 4/2/17 Curren, Ivy Peanut Butter and Jelly Soda, by Lester's Fixins Smells like Grandma's attic; tastes worse
92 4/9/17 Patel, Rahul All-Natural Mr. Q Cumber cucumber beverage Very cucumbery, delicious
93 4/16/17 Bryan, Marta TPumps (Boba Tea) (Taro/Rose Vanilla) Tasty, pretty good
94 4/23/17 Daubar, Ingrid Ting Sparkling Grapefruit Beverage (Jamaican) Pleasant, Delicious
95 4/30/17 Dailey, John Black Dog Raw Probiotic Cider from 101 Ciderhouse Guest: I like that; CN: Not a fan
96 5/7/17 Ciardi, David Kenwood Vineyards 2013 Sonoma County Chardonnay It's OK, shared with friends
97 5/14/17 Koppes, Michele Supergreen Smoothie (spinach, green tea, lots of stuff) I like it
98 5/21/17 Azua-Bustos, Armando Fancy Tea (one Jasmine, one with blue flowers) Really good
99 5/28/17 Meshkat, Tiffany Cheerwine Nice… Legendary Taste confirmed
100 6/4/17 Ehlmann, Bethany Sorghum Beer, St. Peters (Suffolk, UK) Tasty but different, sour but not bitter
101 6/18/17 Francis, Raymond Virgil's Microbrewed Orange Cream Soda Not bad; interesting; very sweet
102 7/2/17 Christiansen, Jessie Redondo Peach Soda (Lurid Ungodly Shade of Blue) Not peachy, but it's not bad
103 7/16/17 Ye, Quan-Zhi Midnight Mint Mocha Frappucino Gentle
104 7/30/17 Kramer, Emily Yunan Golden Buds Special Tea (from David) Nice, Tasty, Calming
105 8/13/17 Donnellan, Andrea Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer Good…smells like candy
106 8/27/17 Peterson, Mary A goo, not a drink: Mama Chia Chia Squeeze (see #37) If jam were not as sweet…
107 9/10/17 McMahon, Jay Warm Sioux City Sarsaparilla Root Beer Not that bad at room temperature
108 9/24/17 Storrie-Lombardi, Lisa Smog City Brewing: Sabre-Toothed Squirrel/Tart Saison Tangerine Delicious
109 10/8/17 Hunt, Cynthia Smog City Brewing: Kumquat Saison/Coffee Porter I'm a fan/Fantastic and Great
110 10/22/17 Liu, Fengchuan Faygo Rock & Rye Cream Soda Tastes like sugar, not bad
111 11/5/17 Throop, Henry De-Alcoholized Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016 Ariel) Flat and yeasty/really interesting
112 11/19/17 Cable, Morgan Yeo's Soymilk (with Canadian soybeans!) Delicious
113 11/19/17 Webster, Julie Hawaiian Sun Luau Punch Very red, tasty
114 12/17/17 Kanner, Jonah Calpico original flavor Not bad, tangy, like a milky Starburst
115 12/31/17 Cabrera, Mario Dryck Flåder from IKEA Really good, super tasty
116 1/14/18 Panning, Mark Kristian Regale Pomegranate Sparkling Juice from IKEA Good, nice, drinkable, better than feared
117 1/28/18 Fast, Kelly Vintersaga--Swedish Festive Drink from IKEA Smells weird, interesting, like Flintstones' vitamins
118 2/11/18 Rich, Jeff Ninkasi Ground Control beer (yeast from space) Really good beer!
119 2/25/18 Parcak, Sarah Coconut La Croix If a rubber sole were made of coconut…
120 3/11/18 Childs, Chase Coconut La Croix (back-to-back recording) It's everything I hoped it wouldn't be
121 3/25/18 Janvier, Miho El Tequito Like stale beer, cheap beer with weird aftertaste
122 4/8/15 Michel, Patrick Mailed packet of Kool-aid, by--he has never tried it; needed sugar A little acidic
123 4/22/15 Marvel, Kate Brain Gear: Focus, Clarity, and Memory (enjoy on empty stomach) Flavor: if pineapple and mango hated you; worst yet
124 5/6/18 Cohen, Barbara Jalani Jaljira spice (added to lemonade) Not great; not as bad as expected; smells sulphury
125 5/20/17 "Keane, James Tuttle" Paperboats Drinks and Memories; Chilli Guava/ Jamun Kala Khatta "Intense, pretty spicy; not spicy or sweet, a little tang"
126 6/3/18 "Connor, Tom" "Bisleri Spyci, The Twisted Cola (from India)" "A flat Coke, then there's ""something""--delicious"
127 6/17/18 "McGurk, Rosalie" 7-Up Nimbooz Masala Soda (from India) "Wow--wonderful, pretty tasty, wish they sold it here"
128 7/1/18 "Koppes, Michele" "Gnufuel (coffee+""nutrition"") one blueberry latte, one matcha latte" """Oh, no."""
129 7/15/18 "Mutlu-Pakdil, Burçin" "Tealixir Herbal Kombucha, China Rose / Sparkling Water" "Hmmm…interesting…OK, not bad…"
130 7/29/18 "Ghose, Shohini" Zevia zero-calorie soda: Ginger Ale/Cream Soda "Interesting, guilt-free; cream soda quite nice"
131 8/12/18 "Daubar, Ingrid" Hawaiian Sun Guava Nectar/Assam Chocolate Milk Tea Not guava-y enough / Tastes like chocolate
132 8/26/18 "Thompson, Tim" Hawaiian Sun Island Iced Tea It's not terrible; unclear what's Hawaiian about it
133 9/9/18 "Padovan, Sebastiano" "Biosteel, pretty pink (CN) which didn't reach GER), Apfelschorle (SP)" Biosteel tastes like chalk; SP already liked his drink
134 9/23/18 "Rebull, Luisa" Soylent Cacao "Not horrible, a chocolaty drink; how interesting"